Pakistani Lawn Fabric

Pakistani - Lawn Fabric - Trendy Styles, Cotton Clothes, Summer Wear

Pakistani Lawn Fabric marks the arrival of spring. New designs, prints, clothing lines and trendy styles start coming out through exhibitions at major five-star hotels of the cities of Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other cities of the country.

Pakistani Lawn Fabric-Prints & Styles

Many designers, mostly women, have started their regular lines in new prints for the fabric. The term 'lawn' is popular for lovely light cotton fabric like Swiss voile.

Most popular styles are three piece suits with dupatta, shirt and shalwar in matching and mix-n-match styles. With printed pieces for shirts in small floral or abstract designs with large prints on cotton or chiffon dupattas and plain or coordinated shalwar pieces - all are fascinating to see. One feels like buying them all!!!

The fabrics used in these lawn prints are cotton, swiss cotton, voile and many other. The fabric has a soft silky feel and very light weight which makes it ideal for Pakistan's summer season. These fabrics have become exceedingly popular, not only in Pakistan but also in other countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and many other middle eastern countries. Even in USA, Europe and Canada where a large population from this region abides, the demand for this fabric is ever increasing. The trend of online shopping has also seen a surge in sales from local as well as international buyers.

The month of March - and through to September - is a bonanza of exhibitions at all the top hotels where women go in hordes with groups of friends and have a lot of fun - partying and shopping all day.

The popular styles this summer are long shirts with capris, shalwar and culottes with wide lace at the bottom.

With embroidered shirt pieces, lawn prints are quite a favourite as party wear also specially in the sweltering summer heat. Beautiful prints and breezy fabric give a new meaning to spring and summer festivities.

Pakistani Lawn Fabric by Women Entrepreneurs

Some of the best collections are by the following female designers:

Pakistani Lawn Fabric For Women - by other leading brands

Other than the female designers, the usual favourites are:

Gul Ahmed sends a fabulous Spring Collection and Autumn Collection Magazine to their customers' home addresses.

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