Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and Seminars are conducted on a regular basis by local and international organizations. The Trade Development Authority (TDAP) has spearheaded a number of such events to increase the knowledge base of women in business. The need for enhancing knowledge-base remains paramount to improve the structures for any business.

Development of human resources is a key element in achieving success across the board, be it an entrepreneur, professional or executive. As the human resources groom their capabilities to meet the challenges of the business world - which is dynamic by nature - the possibilities to improve increase tremendously.



Local Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars, not only add value to the knowledge base but also provide opportunities to network with the peers and with potential business partners.These events organized locally or in other countries, all add tremendously to achieving success.

conference being a formal congregation where people meet to discuss a specific area of common interest while in a seminar members discuss matters of an educational nature to gain knowledge in a certain area as an educational forum.

When we say 'local' the term covers events in the cities and those that are more on a national level. In city based events, the participants are usually from within the city. The speakers may be from any city of Pakistan and at times, even from other countries.

These events need to be properly promoted so that the target audience is able to benefit from the event. At MLP we strive at maintaining a calendar of events where the organizers can inform well ahead of time so that we can promote the event to all our members.

Karandaaz Pakistan

Over the past few years, Karandaaz Pakistan has held a number of conferences and seminars as well as Women Entrepreneurs Challenge to support start-ups and women owned businesses.

MizLink had posted their earlier Women Entrepreneurship challenge on the following link: Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge

This year their amount for innovation fund has increased to PKR 35m or (Rupees 3.5 crores). New challenges and inclusion of women in finance can be viewed on the following link of Karandaaz Pakistan

International Conferences

International conventions and seminar offer a huge potential not only for the business but also for the country. These events provide a platform for networking and sharing the potentials of the participants with people from other countries. The discussions are in a formal yet focused environment. You are there because you have a certain level of expertise in the field, so are the others. Synergies for success are created in these events. So prepare well and meet as many people as you can at such events.

We have put together training modules for preparation of women to such events in other parts of the world.

Be a Speaker

For those who have been in the practical field, be it business, profession or corporate position, share your experience. Offer to speak at events, start locally and then speak at international events. Your views add value to the growth of the entire segment. You have 'been there and done that' for so long, you know so much, you can help so many achieve what they may not otherwise.

It is a very fulfilling feeling, you connect with your audience and return something to the community. It sounds scary at first but once you have decided that it is for a greater good, all fears and jitters fall to the ground.

The MizLink Team would love to develop this aspect of your personality as we work with you to bring out the best in you.

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