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Knowledge Base - How To Start... A Business, A Professional Services Firm; And Make Career Choices

Knowledge Base section covers information from real life experience of entrepreneurs on how they started their business and achieved success. Lessons learned from failures and what to avoid. Similarly, to start a professional services firm and to make career choices, every one needs guidance. By networking at MizLink-Pakistan it is possible for business women to access and engage the services of professionals, discuss project details with corporate executives.

Professionals and executives find potential businesses and clients. All can be each others clients and customers. The potential and opportunities are huge.

And that very grey area of raising finance. The good news is that we have the expertise to 'make small enterprises bankable' with our non-financial advisory services. We provide services in your selected fields with the help of our experts.

Knowledge Base - Real-time Experts

Our site includes the major fields of practical choices that cover Entrepreneurs and their products, professionals and their services and corporate executives and their career choices.

Here we are gathering experience and knowledge base of real time entrepreneurs, professionals and executives on how they achieved success and how they handled failures.

Every failure is a lesson is not meant to drag you down, it is not meant to make you lose only teaches you what not to do the next time around...

To help keep you focused on remaining positive, read books and visit websites that train you on how to keep your spirits up and to keep going strong.

Knowledge Base - Segments

Each segment of the Knowledge Base brings a wealth of awareness as we use the experience of the accomplished women of Pakistan ... the ones you are not aware of ...the ones who have contributed tremendously to their families, communities and the economy ... to learn from, for a better life.

The knowledge base has been put together to cover each segment i.e. guidelines and courses for:

  1. Women Entrepreneurs - Products and Trades
  2. Professionals - Services Industry
  3. Corporate Executives - Careers and Jobs

As we enter our chosen field we tend to go through a series of trial and errors. We waste time - our most important and irreplaceable resource and money - and don't forget HOPE!

There are very simple basics to achieve success in each field. We have tried to compile a basic checklist to help in preparing the aspirants to minimize their chances of failure.

A little note here... remember, take advice from someone who has actually done that business ... Why is it that to train doctors there are senior doctors, for engineers-senior engineers ... then why for entrepreneurs there are only non-business people?

Avoid advice from non-entrepreneurs ... you will be misled. Another favorite buzz word in our country is 'hand-holding for women' ... what does it mean? Who is 'holding' their hand and to lead where? Are they experienced in business themselves have they ever faced a fragment of adversity that one has to manage once in business? So, please, drop that hand that tries to hold yours, you will be misled up the 'garden path' that is not the real world.

Have you noticed how well those have performed whose 'hands' were not 'held'. If you need somebody to hold your hand and lead you then forget about doing business. You need facilitators who have actually been through the grind and learned the hard way ... they would never hold your hand but let you learn on your own and provide the best tools for it. One can never over emphasize the importance of knowledge base to succeed in any endeavor that you embark upon.

You can build your winning team right here... engage, outsource, manage!

Knowledge Base - Work at Home Moms (WAHM) Corner

Now we have added a dedicated part of this website for "Work-At-Home-Moms" also known as WAHMs, on the following link...Work At Home Moms' (WAHM) Corner

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