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Making Career Choices - Jobs for Women in Pakistan

As we are growing up and completing our studies, we start making career choices! We are very fortunate to find our 'true calling' or 'natural inclination' to do what we are good at. Few are passionate enough to know clearly what they want to do and it comes naturally to them.

However, most of us have to work at it as the passion is not very well developed or we do not understand as to what it means. With the help of career counseling one can recognize ones true talents and makes better career choices.

Most of the times we take up jobs that come our way and we try to mold ourselves to adjust to the demands of the job. What happens is that we remain unhappy and soon leave the job that is not as per our temperament - a bad career choice. It is a bother for both the employee and the employer as each has to waste resources like time, energy and money on a futile arrangement. While it is not possible to strike gold in the first go i.e. find the perfect job, it still is easier to know whether we would like what we are going for if we do a little homework on ourselves and our career options. At least get to know that there are choices that can be made to have a satisfying career.

We can broadly categorize the talents found in different individuals that are all essential to build a highly effective team. Once you can figure out your strengths, build on them to achieve excellence.

Let's have a look at what you have got that gets you going, you may think it is bad and that you need to change or to strive for the 'usual' things that impress people, well ... think again, what you think is a 'bad habit' just might be your strongest point that can change failure to success and guide you in making accurate career choices.

In the Corporate World

A Finance person - You can hardly see anything positive, everything is an expense and a burden. You see and quote figures in percentage points to 4 decimals and want to stick by it. You think the world is made up of crooks who are out to get whatever you own. You look at the opportunity cost of every penny and say what is more beneficial.

If you have these traits in yourself, don't feel bad - you are a miser, negative person - not at all, you should take up finance as a career!!

The field of Finance is also very vast - with many jobs for women, you can do book keeping and accounts, financial analysis, banking - again branches into commercial banks, investment banks, asset management companies, equity brokerage firms - all industries require accountants and finance personnel.

A Marketer - You can spot a marketer by her optimistic approach to everything under the Sun! She is ready to agree to almost anything and stretches the truth considerably....some would call them liars but that is really unfair to them as they are just being themselves i.e. marketers.

So if you notice this trait in yourself don't run yourself down by what others say. Improve on it and build your strength as a 'creative' marketer who is able to see the multiple aspects of a situation and brings about win-win solutions. A good career choice for women.

The field is very vast as every product and every company needs promotion as well as continuous product development. So you can join an advertising agency, an event management company, a bank, pharmaceutical company or textile made-ups, packaging and so on. Within each industry there are segments that pertain to marketing i.e. product development, business development, promotion etc. So as we go deeper we further fine tune as to what makes us tick.

With an Insurance Company - Within the field of Finance there are opportunities with Insurance companies for women. There are several branches within the Insurance industry like car insurance, life insurance, professional indemnity insurance, fire, theft etc. While you can sell to both men and women, maybe can specialize in selling insurance for women specifically. You can sell women life insurance or the cheapest car insurance for women or health insurance for women.

A Human Resources person - you see yourself evaluating everyone's good and bad qualities, you are always wanting to improve on the skill sets of people. You thought lecturing is for teachers and decided to take it up as a profession but feel unhappy and unsatisfied. Go for Human Resource Management (HR Management) it is more fulfilling and a highly respectable corporate position.

HR management is very interesting as you develop new ways and means to assess the capabilities of incumbents. There are a lot of personality assessment tests that help in figuring out what the core strengths and weaknesses of people are.

If you just want to have fun with such Aptitude Tests try at Tickle Tests. Do a Google search and find it. These are simple questions that need not be right or wrong they are just your personal responses. The answers tell the assessors about your perspective of looking at things. A very popular test is the Myer-Briggs Test for personality assessment used by a number of Human Resources departments in the corporate sector.

A Sales Person - You can get people to believe that what you are offering is the best. You love to meet people, socialize and stay out most of the times. Don't fret your 'bad' habits and build on them to be the master salesperson in your field.

An Administration Person - You love to keep a budget of what you spend and where you get it from. You do bargain hunts and find the best stuff for the lowest prices. You keep everything in order, you believe in 'a place for everything and everything for a place' adage. You love discipline and time management a natural job for women. You can set schedules for your whole team, manage an event, and all that needs streamlining .... Set your aim to be an Administration person.

IT & Social Media Experts

An IT & Social Media Experts - You would much rather spend your time with your PC and experiment with the new software downloads and all the fun stuff you can do with them. You are not much of a social person and not too much of a scholastic person but you are sooo techno savvy that you could put together your first one-page website by the time you were ten ... go for it gal you are an IT whiz kid!

A power packed career choice for the techno-savvy.

Other than Corporate

Airhostess & Stewardess

A Stewardess/Air Hostess - you love to travel, want to see the whole world, live life on the edge. Its so fascinating, today in Karachi tomorrow London and the day after in New York then in Milan....oh you name it and the city just pops up in your mind. You don't care much about sitting back and getting top need - just be good at the spoken languages skill and be polite. You will go places as an air hostess. A fun career choice for the out going ones.

A Montessori Teacher You love being with kids and love all the cute little things that surround children areas....go for it and get Montessori Training. A very popular system of pre-school education practiced in Pakistan. Montessori trained teachers are sought after by all schools with junior sections. An ideal job for women.

Its fun, creative and so refreshing to work in these schools.

There are many, many more career choices, professions and jobs for women that we will keep on adding here to help you decide what suits your temperament the best.

OK now that we know which career choice to opt for, let's start looking for job openings in those respective fields, prepare effective resumes and get ready for the big day ... the interview. Check on LinkedIn for careers too.

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