Careers and Jobs
most Favored by Women

Most Favored by Women

Careers and Jobs in the Corporate World

Careers and jobs in the corporate world are an ever growing need to engage educated workforce  at various levels of the organization. By no means an exhaustive list, the list below is expected to grow with the input of our members and also as new jobs for women and careers opportunities add to the existing ones. A cross-section of careers opted for by women entering the corporate world as well as healthcare and other segments, may be summarized as follows:

1. Banking & Finance
2. Marketing
3. Management
4. Corporate Legal & Paralegal
5. Designing
6. Architects
7. Education
8. Multi-National Companies

9. Hotel Management
10. Research Analysts
11. Medical & Para Medical
12. Secretarial Services
13. Software development
14. Press & Media
15. Modeling
16. Teaching and Tuition

Women on the Board of Directors as executive as well as non-executive directors are increasing in number gradually. As they gain seniority and experience in the field of their choice their oversight at the Board level is as much needed and valued as that of their male counter-parts.

The financial sector is one of the largest employer of women in Pakistan. The banking industry has seen exponential growth over the past few years following the introduction of consumer banking as well as the requirement by the Central Bank for banks to increase the equity base.

Banking and finance industry which includes Commercial and Investment Banks, Fund Management Companies, Equity Brokerage Houses, Insurance companies and Actuaries, Leasing and Modaraba Companies, require a work force that is educationally sound and is a committed employee. As such, women are very much needed as analysts, business development and sales personnel, Human resources managers, senior executives and CEOs.

The other good employer is the marketing and advertising segment, where women have always been in great demand for their creative input. Though not as well structured as the banking and finance industry, this segment also provides fairly well paid opportunities and perks. The field of modeling has developed substantially based on the needs of this segment.

Multi-national companies in Pakistan are also very pro-women as they have always maintained a healthy mix of both men and women in their workforce. The main areas in which MNCs operate are pharmaceutical, banking, FMCG and shipping companies.

In law firms, women are employed as associates and para-legal staff.

In hospitals and colleges, women are employed as doctors, Professors and also in the para-medical and nursing staff.

The education industry has always thrived on female teachers, starting from jobs for women in the pre-school (Montessori level) upto the senior most post graduate levels. The training programs and courses such as Montessori training method are mainly done by women.

As regards the software development and programming segment, women again have acquired the highest educational degrees and are employed at very lucrative salaries by well-established software houses.

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