Raising Finance
    Debt or Equity?

Raising finance for business always remains a daunting task for most of the businesses. For women owned businesses the issue becomes even more difficult as most of them are not aware of how to get financing and to have financial management to manage the same and also because the collateral required to secure loans is usually not in the name of the entrepreneur concerned.

Here we have used the word 'business' but covers both entrepreneurs and professionals as both require funding at one point or the other.

Let's have a look at the various types of financing that are available to fund your business. A word of caution ... Do not raise finance that is less than what you need and more important ... more than what you need.

Other than financing options or raising loans from the banks we will also have a look at money that can be raised without going to the banks.

On these pages we will be talking about money to be raised for business or professional services firms i.e. money to be used for productive asset building as in corporate or SME finance as against consumer finance which mainly relates to credit cards and personal loans etc. and are not used for income generating purposes but just for spending. using this type of finance i.e. consumer, in your business is a very costly option and sholud be avoided.

Let's understand the different types of financing, how to raise finance and the finance process following these links below...

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