Workshops for Women

Workshops for Women - Ideas to explore

Workshops for women provide an avenue to target a certain aspect of expertise and improve upon it with hands-on approach and actual trials so that as the participants face those situations in practical life, they are able to cope effectively and successfully. Workshops provide a platform for women to gain confidence and learn through being together, also called osmosis, from each other. 

Workshops for Women - Skill Development through women focused Workshops

These can be organized for a variety of topics from product development skills to communication, business structuring to negotiations, from supply chain management to shipment scheduling....all aspects of business and commerce are covered through effective events conducted by experts under the guidance of real time entrepreneurs, professionals and executives.

Workshops for Women - Developing self esteem

Developing self-esteem is essential for men and women alike. With the help of workshops, participants learn new skills which gives them confidence to face challenges which in turn develops their self esteem.

Workshops aim at improving women's perception of themselves. With improved self esteem they are able to increase and improve the social, economic, political and legal strength of women. 

Workshops for Women - Learning and Networking

Workshops provide the opportunity to learn and also to network with other women in the field whether it is entrepreneurship, professional development or corporate requirements. Major impact of workshops is on networking which helps the participants in increasing their circle of professionals in the field. There is always a need for learning and socializing to improve the skillsets of all concerned.

Keep visiting this page will find new topics on a series of tools for the various aspects of self development. Send your requirements on the topics of your choice so that we can structure on-demand events.

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Workshops for Women - Organizations 

Organizations holding regular workshops and seminars include Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA ), British Council PakistanWomen Engineers of Pakistan Workshops, USAID and other such organizations. These workshops and seminars increase the knowledge base of the participants, improves their self-esteem and helps in networking as well.

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