Events for Women of Pakistan
Exhibitions, Seminars and Trade Delegations

Events for women - such as exhibitions and workshops, conferences and seminars as well as trade delegation participation - help businesses to increase sales and develop new business partners.

There have been several initiatives in this regard with a focus on women entrepreneurs. These initiatives are mostly sponsored by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) in collaboration with the trade associations and similar organizations, as representative groups for women.

The success of these exhibitions/conferences is based on the participants being prepared and the promotion of the same through several effective channels.

Types of Events for Women

There are several types of events that are held for different purposes, we will be covering the following types:

1. Conferences and Seminars

2. Exhibitions and Trade Shows

3. Trade Delegations

4. Workshops

Events for Women-Conferences, Seminars, Trade Delegations and Exhibitions

At MizLink-Pakistan, our endeavor is to provide all preparatory assistance so that the participants are able to achieve maximum benefit out of these. An ill-planned or poorly prepared participation does not help in business development. New entrants into business or profession are not aware of what the target audience expects of them. Veterans in the field provide mentoring to the new participants in the several aspects that require months of pre-planning.

Under the relevant head below you will learn about various events taking place in Pakistan and in the international markets as and when they happen.

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