Women in Information Technology in Pakistan

Information Technology and Women in Pakistan have gelled together in an unprecedented surge of progressive thought process. Women, surprisingly, have played an important role in bringing the sector to it's current state. It had been consolidated for representation on international forums where software houses owned and managed by women have not only promoted the country's image but their own product range as well.

Information Technology and women have come a long way in Pakistan. They are owners of software houses and IT companies developing need based softwares for various segments.

It can be said that the current upturn in the IT industry has been revolutionized under the capable guidance of a female who has consolidated the trade association of software houses and strengthened the segment with her capabilities.

Software development is an avenue where women with the pertinent educational background have made their mark quite substantially.

The education required in the field is BCS and MCS, thereafter a period of 1-2 years is required as experience with a software house.

Technically sound and certified project managers deliver world class solutions on ERP basis for the local industry. Many have ventured into the global markets and are engaged as consultants and executives for the international software market.

There is still need for more women to enter into the field of software development as a large number is quickly absorbed in the international markets.

Women and ICT has been a long term planning component of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the trade policy of the country. However, from the users perspective, women have yet to tap onto the resources and opportunities that the internet offers.

MizLink-Pakistan aims at bringing these opportunities to women. The question "What is in it for me?" gets a lot of answers through this effort at harnessing the power of the internet to bring the markets to them.

In addition, as the service providers, like webmasters, come together through this platform, the users i.e. entrepreneurs and others can learn more about benefiting their businesses through the medium of internet. 

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