About Us

About Us - Let's get to know each other!

First, we will tell a little bit 'About Us'  and what we are doing for you with this website.

Just like all of you, we are also a small group of women entrepreneurs, professionals and executives in various fields ... and the group is increasing, gradually as we add more like-minded and collaborative females who are ready to share with each other something from the wealth of knowledge each possesses.

When we say 'About Us' it includes YOU too.

About Us - What is MizLink doing for you?

We, at Mizlink-Pakistan.com (MLP), are providing you with complete resources for women entering the practical world by strengthening the core areas that make or break a business, consultancy or corporate position.

Contacts and connections move businesses to the next level. That is the 'Vitamin - C' of business. Without contacts and networking we can't move quickly enough especially when we are not able to spend huge amounts on advertising!!

Our aim is to create opportunities for women to connect. At the same time, to provide a resource base that they can refer to when needed.

This includes team building, networking, display of products/capabilities, outreach, knowledge base, raising awareness, raising finance, managing, outsourcing, corporate structuring and more.

Up until now there have been several incentives aimed at strengthening grass-root level. Though essential...it leaves a huge gap in tapping the resources effectively. The grass-root level can not effectively harness the power of global outreach. Education and knowledge, financial strength and outreach are essential for success for all levels.

Our perspective is ... Mid Tier building.

About Us - You can read and write ... Right? 

If you can read and write, you can be a part of this vibrant group where you can learn about new ideas and also share your own wonderful stories.

This platform is aimed towards resource building for mid-tier in each area... a neglected yet vibrant and potent segment... multi-tiered within itself...

... when you strengthen the mid tier, it extends both ways, building effective bridges for the grass-root and then - channels into the larger markets both locally and globally. Supply chain on one side and buyer base on the other.

The information and knowledge base contained here is from all of you ... with the expertise of real time entrepreneurs, consultants and executives with hands-on experience in the related fields.

Tried and tested approach to preparing for unforeseen hurdles enables the existing and aspiring women to learn form the experience of their peers and seniors.

At the same time this platform provides the opportunity to women of Pakistan to promote their own expertise and generate business amongst each other.

This kind of networking has been lacking for women which results in one-off, trial and error approaches to resolving issues ... resulting in...

failure or delayed, sporadic small success...

... which can easily be avoided and managed through timely consultation.

About Us - Network and build your team!

The first step in achieving success is the building of effective teams. The success and failure of any project or operation can be assessed by the quality of team that is managing it. While easy for men, it is quite a bit of a problem for women to have access to professionals and executives to manage the essential components of management for their businesses vis-a-vis, finance, legal & corporate, HR, marketing, etc.

By networking at MizLink-Pakistan it is possible for business women to access and engage the services of professionals, discuss project details with corporate executives.

Professionals and executives find potential businesses and clients. All can be each others clients and customers. The potential and opportunities are huge.

You can build your winning team right here... engage, outsource, manage!

And that very grey area of raising finance. The good news is that we have the expertise to 'make small enterprises bankable' with our non-financial advisory services. We provide services in your selected fields with the help of our experts.

About Us - Display your Products & Promote your Services

Come show us what you do!!!

We strive at show-casing our products and services...

You can walk through this site ... segment by segment ... see what we have already put together and add your expertise to it ...

From the shores of Karachi to the valleys of Swat...there are products, hallmarks of each region.....mostly by women...and for women.

Success stories, lessons learned from failures...find it here...and be a part of 'About Us'... add your input.

You can make your own page to share your stories on the following tabs under 'Share':

Bring it on, take it to the World! 

The portal at the same time gives access to people around the world, be it other business and professional women or potential joint venture partners and customers, to have insight into the accomplishments of these practical ladies in Pakistan ... and probably find hidden gems that have been hitherto unknown.

Here you discuss business and ideas. Here you gain outreach to connect with women from all over the world with similar issues; From here you create channels into the local as well as global markets. Here the world sees what you are capable of ... in Pakistan and being women. Get Global Outreach!

Share your Knowledge and learn!

Raising awareness is essential to achieve your goals and thus...success!

Here you find answers and solutions to your questions. You have access to world class knowledge base and can also ask for advice right here from each other and from us. You can come back to this site to gain knowledge on several aspects that keep eluding you.You also get to give your expert advice and opinion. It is two-way, which brings everybody at par with each other.

This is sharing.

There is reference material on how to manage and be successful at your multi-tasking roles as mothers, wives and business people....demands from other relations kept aside.

All...and maybe more... than what you get from attending seminars and workshops. You can get specific answers to your several queries, as and when convenient for you and from the mentors from amongst you. You can add your own articles here as well.

Discuss and solve and move ahead....

You will hear more About Us, as we grow, so keep checking for more.

And remember, as much as About Us, we want more About You ... it's YOUR portal.

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