Trade Delegations 

Trade delegations are organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and the Chambers of Commerce every year to various countries. These trade delegations are usually led by the top executives of the Authority or the Chamber and as a result get focused attention from the decision makers of the target markets.

The TDAP includes women entrepreneurs in these delegations with incentives such as subsidized travel expenses, to encourage their participation.

Many women have gone to various countries as delegates, however, had they been prepared before hand on the modalities of the delegation, they could have achieved far better results. Usually the delegates find out the needs once they have reached the destination and once again the aspect of trial and error comes into play.

Our approach is that we start to prepare these delegates as soon as they have been selected. The preparation includes corresponding with potential buyers in the target countries and arranging appointments independent of the TDAP's match-making meetings. This helps in creating a connection between the delegates and the potential buyers and helps in efficient closing of deals.

Creating Contact before the actual meeting and developing regular communication over the period helps in familiarizing both the buyer and the seller with each others' requirements and helps in meeting these needs, prior to the actual meeting. In case these aspects are discovered at the time of the meeting, it is usually too late to improve and re-present.

As Solo Build It says PRE-Sell so that the buyer has warmed up to your sales pitch..maybe they are looking for a slightly different version of the product that you have to offer... isn't is better to know before hand rather than to find out at the meeting ?!!

Preparing for the delegation should be in the same way as that for an exhibition. Your portfolio of products, brochures and presentation material should be with you much ahead of time. Your appointments with the target customer - usually for bulk buyers - be already in place before you decide to embark on the journey.

Home work has to be completed before you go, what are the preferences of the particular country, their seasons and styles, their service needs and your capabilities, the price structures, the local market potential, the buying power of their customers, all need to be throughly thought out and planned.

Our aim at MLP is to prepare women delegates who have not yet had the exposure to these delegations. Even prior to being e=selected, we can assist them in preparing themselves and their facilities so that their request for participation is accepted by the concerned organizations.

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