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Pakistani Weddings


Pakistani Weddings -A typical wedding in Pakistan is at least a four day affair or more, with events hosted by the families of the bride and the groom.

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Women Doctors of Pakistan


Women Doctors - Medical Professionals of Pakistan, Doctors, Paramedics, Radiologists and Nurses-o ne of the most noble professions

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Ajrak of Sindh


Ajrak of Sindh, Sindhi Ajrak, Indus, Pakistan

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Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles, Churi, Churian

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Women in Education


Women in education sector of Pakistan excel from Montessori to PhD, contributing as teachers, lecturers & faculty across all education levels.

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Pakistani Bridalwear

hand embroidered 1

Pakistani Bridalwear and Trousseau collection is developed with traditional styles and latest fashion designing.

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How To Raise Finance?


How to raise finance? Going to the Bank-Debt or Equity, Lease or Loan, Short or Long Term

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Arfa Karim Randhawa

Arfa Karim with Bill Gates

A Tribute to the Nation's Pride Arfa Karim Randhawa 2 February 1995 – 14 January 2012 One of the most refined brains of our times, a young girl who made

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Women in Engineering


Women in Engineering - Architects, Civil, Electrical, Aviation, Mechanical, Nuclear

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Banarsi Fabric


Banarsi Fabric, Sarees, Fabric, Silk

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Pakistani Jewelry - Gold, Silver and Gems

Filigried Handwork Silver Payal

pakistani jewelry - fine jewelry by women entrepreneurs of Pakistan

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Exporting from Pakistan

Exporting from Pakistan

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Women in Armed Forces


Women in Armed Forces of Pakistan

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Health and Beauty


Health and Beauty-Herbal & Organic Products,Spas and Salons

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Women in Finance


Women in Finance-Finance and accounts Services- Finance professionals of Pakistanwomen in finance

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Asim Jofa Lawn


Asim Jofa Lawn - Lalam Collection-Ready To Wear, Luxury Lawn,Chiffon,Embroidered Collection,Signature Luxury pret, Wedding,Western wear

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Sana Safinaz Lawn


Sana Safinaz Lawn, Lawn Prints and Fabric of Pakistan designed and manufactured by women of Pakistan

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Bareeze Lawn


Bareeze Lawn - Prints from Paradise,Summer Collection

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Pakistani Lawn Fabric


Pakistani Lawn Fabric-Summer wear-Made of light,comfortable cotton with colorful prints for summers, many designed by women as successful businesses.

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Ralli Patchwork Quilts


Ralli Patchwork Quilts, Ralli or Rilli of Sindh

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National Working Women's Day (December 22)

Message from Head Human Respurces at Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited:

"Today Pakistani women celebrate the National Working Women's Day. The day was declared on 22nd December 2010 in recognition of the struggle of working women to secure a dignified and respectful working environment. It is also celebrated to acknowledge the economic contributions made by women to the country.

The number of women joining the workforce has increased in the last decade. The government have also shown its commitment to the cause of women by promulgating the 'Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill 2009'. It was a landmark move to help Pakistani women work without fear of being harassed or discriminated.

Misbah Sabeeh

Pashmina Shawls from Pakistan


Pashmina Shawls - Pashmina Shawls and stoles come in various beautiful colours both plain and with embroidered motifs.

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Exhibitions and Tradeshows


Exhibitions and Tradeshows. Prepare well and get maximum benefit

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Pakistani Apparel, trendy and traditional wear


Pakistani Apparel designed by women of Pakistan - Trendy and Traditional, Casual, Formal, Bridal

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Pakistani Home Decor


Pakistani Home Decor - Products by women entrepreneurs of Pakistan, silverware, gift items, pottery, kitchenware

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Candles and Holders

floating candles

Candles and Holders - to light up your life, by women of Pakistan. Beautifully crafted candles, candle holders, scented candles, aromatherapy, tea lights.

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Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts - Food and Confectionery by women of Pakistan

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Designer Furniture


Designer Furniture of high quality by women entrepreneurs of Pakistan - in wood, wrought iron etc. for residential and office use

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Anaya Lawn by Kiran Chaudhry


Anaya Lawn by Kiran Chaudhry

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Embroidered Cushions


Embroidered Cushions - Covers that add color, hand embroidered with mirror artwork, a specialty of Pakistan's handicrafts.

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Khaadi Lawn Fabric and Prints


Khaadi Lawn Fabric and Prints, Summer Collection. Unstitched and Pret

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Home Textile of Pakistan

Home Textile of Pakistan - bedsheets, tablecloths, ralli, ajrak - by women entrepreneurs of Pakistan

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Woven-Knitwear and Crochet Products


Woven-knitwear and crochet products offers a variety of knitted and crocheted apparel, accessories and home decor

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Aaminah Butt Makeup Artist and Stylist


Aaminah Butt - Makeup Artist and Stylist is a venture that offers creativen, themed and sfx (special effects) make-up.

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Women in Marketing


Women in Marketing - Marketing Professionals engaged in Advertising, Graphic Designing, Event Management

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Raising Finance


Raising Finance-Debt or Equity, Short or Long Term Finance, Working Capital, Leasing

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Shipping of Goods


Shipping of Goods, Exports, Bill of Lading, Letter of Credit, CBM Calculation and HS-Codes

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Business Models


Business Models, Manufacturing, Indenting, Wholeseller, Reseller

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Business Plan

Business Plan for Starting Up, Planning for Business

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Consultancy Practice, Professional Services Firm


Setting up a Consultancy Practice, Professional Services Firm, Clinics

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Starting Up a Business


Starting Up a Business- Business Start up

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Knowledge Base, Information, Education, Training, Learning


Knowledge Base section from real life experience of entrepreneurs on how they started their business and achieved success. Lessons learned from failures.

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Prepare for Job Interview


Prepare for Job Interview-How to get ahead of the competition when going for a job interview. Researching the interviewer, learning about its core values

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Preparing a Resume


Preparing a Resume - how to write a resume that nails it!

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Job Search Resources


Job Search Resources - Employment Portals -Where and How to find a job.

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Careers and Jobs


Careers and Jobs- Plan your career and love your job

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Work at Home Moms

Work at home moms (WAHM ) corner

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Women Writers


Women writers -Women Writers of Pakistan and Work at Home Mom Writers as Content Writers

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Products and Trades


Products and trades of Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

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