Products and Trades

Products and trades, as anywhere else in the world, some have a female-centric nature.  By virtue of the dynamics of a certain product or trade it is most favored by women and they excel at offering these to the customers. We have tried to include several focus areas to bring on to this site and show- case for all to see.

In this section, we will give, in an alphabetical order, an illustrative list. though in an order of priority all other segments are dwarfed in comparison to  the most popular one i.e. apparel. As that, in itself, is an exceedingly popular and successful field. Within the field of Apparel there are subsets of casual wear, summer wear -popularly known as 'lawn fabric'. party wear and bridal wear. 

Other than apparel, in terms of products manufactured, 'designer furniture' has also been a favorite for some of our enterprising women. Similarly, several of our profiles are of women that categorize in 'health and beauty' segment, most dealing in  natural herbal products.

Other than product manufacturers,  there is a whole lot of cookery experts in the field of trades very popular with women entrepreneurs. We have profiles of some of the best in 'culinary arts' on our related pages.

This list will grow regularly as more business women give us their input. So join us and visit often to give us your feed back regularly, so that we can include your business as well!!

Products and Trades - Ideas from around the world

For ideas from around the world we'll be adding fresh ideas from other parts of the world that our visitors can work with to develop their own products - in a fusion style ... a bit of foreign and a bit of Pakistani culture. From clothing to furniture to Knick Knacks for home décor.

Products and Trades - How to Export from Pakistan

To see how to go about Exporting your goods from Pakistan check  on the link Exporting from Pakistan. This requires meticulous planning and execution. From deciding the HS-Code to procurement to stuffing quantities and shipment scheduling, each step is to be clearly understood and executed. Planning your exports like a project will assist in placing all the required resources within your reach so that you have smooth delivery of your products to the global markets. 

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