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Are you doing business, running a consultancy or on a job, let MizLink Pakistan hear it from you!

Our dedicated team of writers are continually meeting and taking interviews of women from different fields contributing towards the betterment of their families and of our country. We are proud of you and to show you our appreciation, this website encourages you to share your story with us.

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Recent Interviews & Articles

  1. Shipping of Goods

    Aug 07, 20 08:01 PM

    Shipping of Goods, Exports, Bill of Lading, Letter of Credit

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  2. Mahrukh Jabeen - An Event & PR Manager

    Aug 04, 20 05:46 AM

    Mahrukh Jabeen is an Event and PR professional based in Karachi, Pakistan.

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  3. Exhibitions and Tradeshows

    Aug 02, 20 07:38 AM

    Exhibitions and Tradeshows. Prepare well and get maximum benefit

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Display and offer of products by our valued member base. When you join us you not only get profile projection but also a complete service including raising finance for you, making your entity bankable, knowledge about packaging and exports, product display and a lot more.

Find great products made by women and for women. The latest trends, styles and products that you want to know about. Add your own profile, products and services, write about your favorite personality's profile. Women who are not known to all and have yet made a difference to their home or community get recognized here.