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As anywhere else in the world, there are certain businesses that are more female-oriented by their very nature. We have tried to include several focus areas to bring on to this site and show- case for all to see.

In this section, we will give, in an order of priority, the smaller segments to the the most popular one i.e. apparel. As that, in itself, is a very popular field.

This list will grow regularly as more business women give us their input. So join us and visit often to give us your feed back regularly, so that we can include your business as well!!

For ideas from around the world

For ideas from around the world

We'll be adding fresh ideas from other parts of the world that our visitors can work with to develop their own products with - in a fusion style ... a bit of foreign and a bit of Pakistani culture.

The top few preferences are:

Candles - Colors, shapes, aroma
Designer Furniture - in wood and in wrought iron
Home Decor - Lovely knick knacks and collectibles
Home Textile - For beds, tables, kitchen and living
Pashmina - Shawls, stoles and wraps
Fine Jewelry - Gold, Silver, Gems
Health and Beauty - Herbal Products, Salons and Spas
Apparel - Trendy & Traditional - Casual, Formal and Bridal
Glass Bangles - Colors, designs, festivity and tinkles

For Exports

To see how to go about Exporting your goods from Pakistan check here. or go to the link below:

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