Al-Karam Lawn Prints

Al-Karam Lawn prints are found at select stores for a limited time. Though we would love to add more designs and styles here, we have to make do with the ones we could gather to put at one place, without loading the web page too much. You can leave a review in our 'Contact-Us' Form to help us improve and bring more designs for you.

There are other pages with prints from the other textile companies also. We thought that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we added some of the pictures that you ask for on these pages linked to the Lawn Prints page.

Al Karam has divided its lawns into five categories: Prêt Line, Yarn Dyed, Avant Garde, Pagne classic, Swiss Voile and Rangeen. Here are some of the many, many lovely prints from Al-Karam's range of lawn prints for 2018...

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