Zoya Khan-Leadership Trainer

by Aneel Meghwal
(Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.)

Zoya Khan-Leadership Trainer

Zoya Khan-Leadership Trainer

Zoya Khan is a young achiever and leadership trainer and offers services as a Community Mobilization Officer in her region.

Expertise: Leadership Training
Professional: Zoya Khan
Location: Shahdadpur, Pakistan

Zoya Khan Leadership Trainer - Interview

Zoya Khan is 24 years old and belongs to the small city Shahdadpur, Sanghar District of Sindh.

She is a certified trainer from the School of Leadership (SOL) where she attended 'Train the Young Trainer (TTYT)' in April 2016, a premier program by the School of Leadership that provides a platform for aspiring trainers. And now she is a Trainer, Enabler, Facilitator, and Change Maker. Moreover she is a social worker, event organizer, creative and innovative planner.

Zoya Khan has been involved in training, coaching and consulting for more than 4 years, her focus areas are Project Management, Women Empowerment, Leadership Development, Personal-Development and Enterprise Development. Zoya Khan holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Sindh Jamshoro. Currently she is working as Community Mobilization Officer in the JHPIEGO Sanghar. She has worked with many projects of NGO’s & INGO’s in her district. She has also worked for the emergency response during 2011 and 2012 during the Flash Floods in Pakistan and supported vulnerable communities by providing food and non-food assistance programs.

She facilitates and enhances human individual potential, leadership skills, empowerment of girls, working with specific target groups especially minorities, students, rural area females, women's issue groups and different fields of youth.

She has interacted with students through career development path sessions also. She always uses a participatory and interactive approach in which participants of training and sessions mostly get involve.

She has an interest to meet different rural and urban communities of Pakistan and other countries.

She got the title of Born Leader, she motivates others and always creates motivational environment, raises person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of personality beyond its normal limitation. She believes in humanity, equality and peace.

Zoya Khan is also working voluntarily as Program Manager in Women Empowerment Program-WEP (Hyderabad). She organized “Women Empowerment Summit-'When I Grow, The Whole Nation Grows!' For Girls to empower them about the opportunities and possibilities available in the practical world. Women Empowerment Summit was a totally inspiring and motivating experience for girls in Hyderabad where they met inspiring women from our society.

She was also awarded with 3rd Young Women of Excellence Award by MEHAK NGO Khairpur in 2016.

Her parents passed away when she was quite young. She is the eldest among 6 sisters and 1 brother. She didn’t have anyone to support her. They were not in a good place back then but they don’t regret any of it at all. It is difficult to make ends meet when you don’t have parents watching over you. She used to be a different person then and she is a different person now. She is stronger now. She doesn’t need anyone to support them. She has enough confidence and willpower to help and support her siblings. After her parents’ death, where most people give up, she decided to turn things around for her family and she took full responsibility of her siblings. She educated her sisters and brother the way her parents would have wanted. Her two sisters are studying at LUMHS Jamshoro, one in Mehran University and the other two sisters are studying in Sindh. The ones younger to them are still in College. Life has become easier for her family.

“Hold the vision, trust the process”
Author Unknown

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