Yesim Agir (Spectacular Pakistan)

by Faiza Sherjeel
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Yesim Agir from Turkey

Yesim Agir from Turkey

Yesim Agir from Turkey
Spectacular Pakistan: An International Sugar Art Collaboration hosted by Faiza Sherjeel

I was born in 1984 and I have 2 children.I have an associate depree in accounting and I worked as an accountant. I made my first cake in 2014 and I really enjoyed it. Improved myself until 2016 I started my business in pastry sector I have been working on improving myself. I won 2 bronze medals and 1 silver medal in 2017. I got 9tn degree in the 2018 Global Edible Art Splash and 2 silver medals.

My work was about "Nayza Bazi" which is a traditional game in Pakistan.

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