WomenX An Ideal Platform For Pakistani Female Entrepreneurs

by Obaid Atique

In Pakistan, we have fewer opportunities for female entrepreneurs. If your talent is looking for a platform, your expertise in designing requiring funds? Are you lacking in the business skills? Or are you someone who is looking for a support to present your work to people? Keeping all the entrepreneur's issues in the objective, World Bank financed global enterprise WomenX; whose goal is to encourage the female business owners by enhancing their entrepreneurial capacities. They are accommodating women with possibilities to develop by providing them the knowledge of industry, entrepreneurship, and multiple networking opportunities.

WomenX is an exclusive entrepreneurship program for the females in Pakistan. WomenX already received appreciation in the category of empowered women at GSC 3S Awards with other phenomenal global plans such as Change, Avante, ARK and other reputable projects. This award honors the continuous and socially effective actions that are striving to empower people.

These days’ women-owned endeavors are firmly rising and are contributing to the economy expansion and incomes. Though, women entrepreneurs are still suffering various social and financial constraints that are obstructions towards their aspirations of turning themselves and their ideas into a successful venture. WomenX identifies the hurdles of female’s entrepreneurs and is attempting to facilitate them by connecting them with financial organizations.

The WomenX project manager Nimrah Karim states, 'the concept behind our program is to render skillful women a combination of services.
While entrepreneurship as a field is thriving in Pakistan, requisite programs to help existing women-led businesses aren’t available; we want to help build capacity for this segment.'
– Nimrah Karim.

So, if you are an emerging female entrepreneur, looking for guidance to develop your business; Womenx is the ideal program for your dreams.
Website: http://www.womenxpakistan.com/

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