I am a textile/fashion entrepreneur from Karachi, Pakistan. I have graduated from University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies. In addition, I have worked with Sheep as a textile designer and a small fashion based brand called Zunaira's lounge, as a Fashion designer and their Brand Representative. Currently I am a senior designer at Wardrobe. I also have a clothing brand that’s running under the name of "Unaiba Nazar"

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and one more brand namely "Blockerize":

It has been almost a year now working in this field and in this entire year I have faced lots of challenges.

I have always loved fashion and business; these both infused together as I started my own business and realized that I had been an entrepreneur all my life. My vision is and always was to focus on my brand and what should be the next steps for it, I have always planned ahead. I was never the kind of person who lived in the present, and to take my brand to great new heights has been both my passion and one of the biggest challenges.

Unaiba is her own competitor, competing with her very self and taking the bench-mark to a whole new level with every new achievement that she unlocked. Women like these are the reason, the inspiration that keeps our faith living in this country. Unaiba has worked with some amazingly talented people, she believes that “International” fashion shows are always a HUGE achievement. She has been a part of Pakistan Fashion Week Doha, where on a very short notice she dealt with both the pressure of being a young yet talented designer and having to keep Pakistan’s name soaring above the sky as she represented her beloved country. She believes it was the biggest challenge of her life, and said:

“Without Allah and my parents, I wouldn’t be here.. at this position, to be giving you this interview.”

She is currently working for new fabulous designs for Ramzan and Eid, let’s see what she has to offer to the world of style.

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