Shehnaz Awan

Pakistan is full of success stories of women who had the courage to change their lives; one of these women is Shehnaz Awan. After her husband’s second marriage, she was forced to file a divorce and afterwards forced to take steps that will help her raise her kids with dignity. Shehnaz was committed not to ask any one for help, she acquired skills as a beautician from a training center and today runs a very successful beauty parlor in her little neighborhood in F.B Area. Shehnaz has always been passionate about flawless skin and has believed in achieving great results from home made products. She believes in the powers of Aloe Vera and hundreds of her clients are satisfied with the results that her tips bring about.

The benefits and all the great many uses of Aloe Vera know no end and are not just a few and Aloe Vera is no myth, it is for REAL. It’s phenomenal healing properties have been recognized medically and today this herb is a part of many ointments, cosmetics and creams alike where as the priced juices of Aloe are sold all over the globe. “It is the plant’s gel that is the most priced and makes a great moisturizer and healer, as well has been known to act as a great skin regenerator. What makes Aloe Vera an absolute hit is the fact that it is easy to grow and you can grow it on your own. This less expensive and extremely effective natural beauty product is the solution to many of your skin and health troubles.” says Shehnaz, who is an Aloe Vera admirer.

Shehnaz has been kind enough to give away one of her secrets for our readers, here is a beauty mask that you can apply over night for extra ordinary results.

Aloe Vera as a great night mask!

A great mask to help you in gaining the most out of your beauty sleep! Blend pure Aloe gel with half an egg and three inches of cucumber; apply this ultra hydrating mixture on your face. This amazing mask, over night, on your face will leave such amazing results being all natural, with no side effects it is sure to become your absolute favorite!

Aloe Vera is known far and wide for its nutrient packed and moisture richness, though consuming Aloe Vera by mouth as in eating it in a larger quantity can be harmful too. A small cube is recommended every day, with some juices so that the effect is neutralized and only best of the benefits extracted from the magical plant.

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