Shama Zehra-Founder of Jetzy

by Obaid Atique

Shama Zehra-Founder of Jetzy

Shama Zehra-Founder of Jetzy

Shama Zehra launches a Kickstarter campaign for Jetzy, a travelers social network and the world’s first geo-location based application for travelers, tourists, and explorers around the globe.

Venture: Jetzy - world's first geo-location app for travelers
Owner: Shama Zehra
Location: New York, USA

Shama Zehra-Founder of Jetzy

Shama Zehra, the youngest female entrepreneur of Pakistan is making us proud. Shama with her stupendous career graph has carved a niche for herself. Right after high school, this girl with bigger aspirations commenced her career as an entrepreneur with a clothing business. Boastfully, Shama Zehra has been featured on notable platforms which include Forbes, Nasdaq, and Crain’s Magazine.

Since last few years, she has been sweating on her venture 'Aligned Independent Advisors'. It's an individualistic financial advisory firm located at Wall Street. This woman not only breaks the stereotyping but also raises the bar for other entrepreneurs in Pakistan.She has added another leaf in her credibility by launching a venture for travelers around the globe, by the name of Jetzy. She has launched a KickStarter campaign for Jetzy. The world’s first geo-location based application for travelers, tourists, and explorers around the globe.

Jetzy is the world’s first travel based social application that rewards travelers and connects people together in the travel journey. Jetzy not only connects people with an appetite for travel and wondrous experiences, it also provides JetPoints, which can be utilized for travel rewards such as free dinner, deals, discounts and spa vouchers, etc. This social app promotes communication and lets users chat with other fellow travelers, local stakeholders, post their live photos and get better instructions.

Co-founded by Shama Zehra and Ty Sawyer, Jetzy is Shama’s newest attempt and this time, she has picked KickStarter. She is gazing for a moderate funding goal of $5,000 to finance Jetzy and only 31 days are left in the campaign, the campaign has already collected $255.

The application has already been developed and is available for free download on Android and iOS platforms. The campaign funds will be utilized for technical improvements to add people to the map, upgrade the database reporting and application analytics.

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