Sandra Smiley (Spectecular Pakistan)

by Faiza Sherjeel

Sandra Smiley

Sandra Smiley

Spectacular Pakistan: An International Sugar Art Collaboration hosted by Faiza Sherjeel

Event: Spectacular Pakistan
Participant: Sandra Smiley
Location: USA

Sandra Smiley from USA Spectacular Pakistan: An International Sugar Art Collaboration - Interview

Living near Nashville, Tennessee, USA, I am married to my best friend (Mike) and have 24 rescue kitties.

Sugar art has been my hobby for about four years, since retiring from public work. I love all steps in the process, from baking to eating cake (really love to eat cake!), but making realistic gum paste flowers and sculpting realistic people and animals are what I enjoy most. Although I have little experience, I also really like painting on fondant with edible colors and want to further explore the possibilities. Each collaboration offers the opportunity to push beyond my comfort zone and try new techniques which I likely would not have done otherwise.

The majestic Snow Leopard, 8” x 10” painting on fondant with with Elite edible dusts mixed with vodka using 0, 00 and 000 brushes.

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