Rooshna Fatima | A photographer and a teacher

Moments like these make me realize, we are so busy earning a living that we barely remember yesterday. Being asked to write about myself, gives me a chance to recall what makes me who I am today.
I am a professional photographer and a passionate fine artist. I graduated a year back, and today I work as a photographer and teach photography at University of Karachi.
Being an introvert/anti-social personality, my pace surprises me sometimes. But like they say, there’s a rise to every fall.

7 years back, at the age of 16, I got married. This is when my descent found its way. My marriage lasted for 6 months. I can’t explain how each day passed; the torture was unbearable. My Ex-husband never wanted a companion; he was just interested in my father’s belongings. I was broken, emotionally.
I continued my studies and tried to move on. Gathering my pieces, just to be thrown back again. I started getting marriage proposals of men aged between 35-40; some of whom used to back off when they were informed about my past. This was enough to shatter my confidence. Thanks to our society, I was broken mentally.
I went into deep depression. I used to lock myself in the room for hours, and it stayed like this for years. A time came, when I lost all faith.
…Until last year
26th March 2014, a Prado full of drunken men hit my car. My sister’s arm and father’s ribs got fractured. And my skull was crushed. I was broken physically.
We were rushed to the hospital. I was in such a critical state that the doctors told my mother I might not survive. I had clots in my brain and my skull had major fractures. My helpless mother could do nothing but pray.
I survived. My mother tells me how she used to fight with Allah that she wants us to come home on our feet; and we did. I still wasn’t well, but I was alive.
Within three months, I was back to work. Miracle? You can say. This incident was the worst of all, and perhaps for the best.

‘You’ve seen my descent; now watch me rise’

Today, my faith is stronger than ever. This accident made me think. What are we crying for? We don’t even know if will we live to see tomorrow. Why should we care about what people say? Allah knows who we are and that should be enough.
I shooed away all the sorrows. I am free; from every fear and thought that makes me blue.
All the pain made success a challenge for me. I had reasons to slack everywhere. Instead, I chose to fight. I chose to be stronger.
I don’t regret anything. I don’t feel self-pity. These tragedies are the reason for the person I am today. They’ve made me strong. They’ve made me strong. I value life, because I have known pain.
Today I am successful and satisfied. I am thankful to my family who was there to share my pain and push me forward, to the man of my life, who loves me for who I am and to Allah for a beautiful life.

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Oct 07, 2016
Job Offer
by: Owais Bikiya

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Aug 29, 2015
Inspiration you are
by: Anonymous

stay blessed always

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