Rida Mukhtar of Easy Rents

by Rida Mukhtar

Easy Rents is a rental portal for Pakistan. It’s a place where anyone can rent anything for free.
This idea came in my mind a year ago and I started working on it 9 months ago. Actually I wasn’t courageous enough at the beginning that I can do it. As I had to work on it on my own, without any partner so it took me a while to get over the fear of failure. But at the end I thought why not to just give it a try I don’t have anything to lose and yes one of my friends was a big support as he pushed me that you can do it.

I see people around me with a lot of stuff, even in my own house, but they don’t want to sell it as they use it once in a blue moon, so why not to provide them with a platform where they can rent their stuff if they don’t want to sell it. My main targets are the house wives and people who live in hostels.House wives who want to add to their saving by this they can even rent their dresses or any stuff. As I also lived in a hostel, I know the struggle. With easy rents it will be easy for them to rent things form other students from different hostels around them.

Right now my site is launched and I am getting good response from people all over Pakistan.

For common users its free to post an ad but for people who want to place their featured ads on the front page and top ads in categories then they have to place paid ads.

I think my mistake is that I spend too much time in developing. This site should be launched 5 months earlier. If I had a chance to redo my journey I would be quick this time.

My biggest challenge was and still is that how I use my money on this startup. As I built this on my own so I make sure every penny I spend on this is mine that I earned from different jobs and freelancing. That’s why I also like to call this Easy Rents a ‘ONE GIRL COMPANY’ 

My inspiration is my father; he is a business man so I don’t want just to be a corporate slave.
Now if things go well and odds will be in my favor I will definitely establish a big company.

I want to advice entrepreneurship aspirants that if you want to achieve something don’t be afraid of failure and its not necessary that you need someone to stand with you in your dreams. You have a dream; go for it you don’t need to depend on anyone.

This is my email address for business inquires:
website: www.easyrents.pk

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