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Shaheen Akhter

Weddings are something that all of us dream of as being romantic and oh-so-perfect. But of course when the time draws near and we have to actually plan our wedding ceremony, reality steps in and we realize that all is not as cozy and exciting as it seemed!

A professional wedding planner is just the answer for calming down the frantic pace of the nitty-gritty that goes into wedding planning.

We provide catering i.e. arrange for food and venues for weddings.
There are a variety of wedding venues in Karachi because majority of people like celebrating their weddings at big venues, these are:

• Marriage Lawns & Gardens (Large & Open Air)
• Marriage Halls (Large & Indoor)
• Hotels (Both Open Air & Indoor)
• Banquet (Large & Indoor)

Our services list is developing as we add more features to our wedding planning company. We are very meticulous in our selection of the team that provides the best and most affordable services to be a part of our set-up.

Are you also doing something that can become a part of our services? If so please do contact us.

To achieve a successful wedding, good pre-planning is important. Try also to delegate the some of the tasks, otherwise there is a big risk that the planning will become a burden for you.

To help you plan a great event for your wedding, you can use our wedding planning checklist below:

Wedding Planning Checklist
A Bride Groom's perspective:

12 months before
* Pick a wedding date
* Decide what type of wedding
* Decide whom you want to invite
* Book the site for the wedding

9 months before
* Draw up a budget
* The bride: decide and order the wedding dress
* Book reception site
* Book hotel room for yourselves and reserve accommodations for out-of-town guests (if needed)
* Book photographer
* Start planning the guest list
* Assemble your planning team. Perhaps a wedding consultant?

6 months before
* Start planning the wedding party
* Decide the wedding theme
* Order the bridal bouquet and the floral decoration
* Order printed matters as invitation and thank-you cards
* Start planning the honeymoon

4 months before
* Plan the wedding ceremony and meet the wedding official
* Select and order music for the marriage and wedding party
* Decide the menu and order food and drinks
* Contact rental companies if you need to rent accessories such as chairs, tables, music equipment, porcelain etc.
* Book all transportations to be used for the wedding day

3 months before
* Plan the wedding day in detail
* Select and order wedding rings
* The bride: buy accessories, shoes, lingerie
* The bride: book your stylist and makeup artist
* Book the honeymoon

2 months before
* Send invitation cards
* Order the wedding cake
* Make a purchases list
* Make a wedding gift list

1 month before
* The bride: Have final wedding dress fitting
* Plan reception and seating chart

2 weeks before
* Pick up your wedding rings
* Contact the photographer and settle the details
* Visit the ceremony and reception site and confirm arrangements
* Confirm arrangements with the rental company
* Inform the team i.e. all involved in the wedding program
* Make last-minute adjustments of the seating

1 week before
* Pack for and arrange all practical details for the honeymoon

Day before
* Bring your clothes and luggage to the wedding night hotel
* Decorate the site with flowers and other ceremony accessories
* Relax as much as you can and go to bed early!

The wedding day
* Bring the bridal bouquet
* Do you have the wedding rings – double check!
* Get married!

Post wedding
* Pre-arrange for someone to return any rentals
* Write and send thank-you notes to the wedding guests

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