Noor Ul Ain Arif

Yet another one of our inspirations in Pakistan are women who wanted to do something and were able to, against the odds.

Noor ul Ain Arif, is a self made beautician, she had no money to go attend those expensive courses and yet wanted to make all the difference that she could to her household. Her father was jobless for over two years and her brother too young, she was sick and tired of having to borrow from her relatives some money every now and then. It was when her friend told her about all the tutorials available on YouTube that she invested into a cheap smart phone and an internet connection and within two months was able to get started as a local “Muhalley wali” beautician. She is today very popular in her small neighborhood, in Gulshan e Maymar.

Upon asking her now regular clients, we were told that she is a miracle worker with dark circles and encourages treatments with natural, widely and cheaply available fruits and vegetables. They say with her beauty treatments, they are healthy, wealthy and wise! She barely charges for the treatments that she gives, and women come more satisfied and happier every time that they visit.

Noor laughed when we asked her if she loved what she did, she said:

“I am only 19 and I love the difference I was able to make to my family with just a few tutorials and this one smart phone. This has been one of my smartest moves. I want the world to look and feel beautiful and trust me when I tell you, the secret to flawless beauty lies in nature itself. ”

If you believe that your under eye bags or those dark circles are affecting your beauty? Your dark circles making you look old and tired almost all the time? You need someone like Noor in your life!

We all know how dark circles appear with allergies and a lack of sleep but these circles tend to darken! With just the wrong set of habits and diet, things just get out of hands. You can always conceal them with makeup, but there is this charismatic appeal of natural skin. A beautiful, radiant skin that can be achieved with quick remedies, which are all natural and carry no side effects.

Noor was very excited for her profile and has sent all of our readers, her love.

Here is a tip from Noor, a natural beautician, which will change how you looked at yourself. You will no longer look exhausted as you can now combat with your eye bags, naturally:

To get rid of those hideous dark circles, you might as well mix some cucumber juice with some lemon juice. Both cucumber and lemon juice need to be in equal amounts. With the help of a cotton ball, you can apply the mixture, on the area under your eyes. The affected skin should then be gently massaged, be careful not to get any of this mixture in your eyes. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. For best results you must repeat this for at least a week and thank us later for finding you Noor and this great remedy.

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