NeferSehgal- An entrepreneur and owner of NEFER



Your city: Karachi

Your business: N E F E R

How long have you been in this industry, what has been your vision?

It has been less than a year. My vision has been for Pakistan to create its own brand with premium leather accessories. So far, we have had very limited options most of the designs are desi and truck art related. I also plan on launching soon enough a line of handbags which will comprise of bags that don’t become a burden on our shoulders, bags that are comfortable to carry about for long hours, and have adequate and spacious compartments.

What do you think is your biggest achievement throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

The first and foremost achievement was to start up and make sales. I have just entered the market in August 2014 and have come up with the handbag-line in November 2014. I formally launched my brand in January 2015 so that makes it only 6 months or so in business. Within this short span of 6 months, I think, establishing your presence and making space in the market is quite an achievement itself.

What are your current projects and what will you be doing in near future also?

I am currently trying to establish a brand image for my brand. As you see it is a nascent brand which has only been initiated just 6 months ago, reaching out to people and creating awareness about my brand is what I am doing at the moment. Besides that I am working on my “Summer of Steam” collection which is on my to-do list this Ramadan. I am actually collaborating with a friend of mine who happens to be an artist too. Together we will ornate bags with antique keys and various other antiquities and artistic elements like that.

What challenges have you faced during your entrepreneurial journey?

Learning how to take a stand for what I believe in. Because people, they always want favors and freebies. The biggest challenge was to not get overwhelmed, be confident over whatever it was that I had believed in and apprehending that one has to give time and invest resources and patience in order to achieve goals.

A word of advice for women who wish to follow in your footsteps?

One word: Instagram. No social media gives you space and outreach like Instagram does. So, if you plan to follow in my suite, try using Instagram to get around and promote your business. Goodluck ladies! If I could do it, so can you.

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