Musarrat Arif

Are your kids almost constantly asking about their stuff and your spouse complaining about the old chair? And you are busy in making your home always look better than it did yesterday? Replacing that chair with a nice comfortable one that you found in a market. A chair that is very comfortable, but not very fashionable, a chair that is second hand and needs a little care to be just the perfect chair… You can always get these chairs fixed at the local carpenter’s and the home improvement stores are just your second home. You get almost all your big ideas on Google and don’t have to think twice before you decide that your home needs redecoration!

These may be just the signs that you are a born home decorator. Don’t let the park in you die... let’s meet Musarrat today. Musarrat Arif is one of the most fun loving house wives, who have since forever loved home décor. She has always been on her toes, re-doing her furniture.

One of her neighbors, Mrs. Alvi said: “Every time that we enter her house, there is something different, more appealing, more homely and more beautiful.” Mrs. Alvi has now become one of Musarrat’s permanent clients, as musarrat brings home relics from Sunday bazaars and neighbors, friends and relatives all dive in to buy them.

Though they all know how cheap she sometimes get them, but it is the eye that she has for them, which makes all their sprees to Sunday Bazars pointless, in comparison to her one trip…

Upon asking Musarrat, how she has accomplished she told us how she had loved redecorating, but couldn’t more often for it was too expensive but one fine day she ended up at a local bazaar and found out how she can do so much as a new vase, in only a 100 rupee!

Here is how you can with great ease, redecorate your home and bag those compliments from your relatives:

Select a theme that you will want to follow for a certain room, be it the theme of antiquity, or modernity or my favorite most, vintage!

All you have to do is decide what kind of things you are looking for, for many things as you stroll in the market and look around, you will know when you first set your eyes on them, almost instantly… for the rest you will need to have a trained eye to look.

Remember all the details of your room; you will best be able to pick exactly what fits in.

Changing the colors of the walls and adding some art into them is one of the most impactful changes around the room. And Up-cycle, Re-cycle and Up-cycle some more, save some money and save the planet as you redecorate your favorite place to be, your humble abode.

On your umpteenth trip to the bazaar you may able to conclude that you can redecorate your home in a budget that is unbelievable. Sometimes you can get your hands on invaluable items that will look just phenomenal on the shelves and around the house, for as low as a staggering 20 rupees only! Take from it from Musarrat Arif.

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