Hajra Salman -The Envelope Stand

by Zainab Nasir

Customized Printed Envelopes by The Envelope Stand

Customized Printed Envelopes by The Envelope Stand

The Envelope Stand is a venture that offers customized envelopes of all shapes, sizes and designs according to the customers' requirements and occasion.

Venture: The Envelope Stand
Owner: Hajra Salman - Owner of The Envelope Stand
Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Hajra Salman of The Envelope Stand - Interview

Q. What drives you?

A. I love exploring my creative side and enjoy designing my products. The thing I love about my work the most is when I start making and designing my envelopes and other things like greeting cards I never know how they will end up looking and since I never plan the design beforehand, it is more like an adventure. The level of satisfaction that I get when I finish and the results are good is what basically drives me.

Q. How did you get here and how long have you been in this profession (or been doing what you do)?

A. I am fairly new to this and I have just started a month back. I had this idea for quite some time now and once I started I have realized I cannot stop. I made 60 envelopes of different designs, each unique and original in a single day once!

Q. What has been your vision and what do you most love about your work?

A. My vision is to provide envelopes and other handmade stuff like designed wooden letters and greeting cards with quality and designs that will satisfy my customers and they'd always turn to me.

Q. What do you think is your biggest achievement throughout your professional journey?

A. My biggest achievement currently is this interview (Thankyou so much for giving me the chance to showcase my talent) and the organic likes that I am getting over Facebook every day... plus customer satisfaction, that counts the most!

Q. What are your current projects and what do you plan on doing in the near future?

A. Currently I make designer handmade envelopes, favor pillow boxes made of hard paper, wooden alphabets that I personally decorate and greeting cards but more items are underway and the categories that I have to offer are increasing. Right now I am thinking of focusing and handling these only but maybe on a later date, I will start something new like decorated vial bottles.

Q. A word of advice you would like to pass on to other women struggling with their start-ups?

A. Be confident and love your work. People and friends will not support you as much as you would have supported them had they been in your place but who needs their support? I know it's important but there is nothing more important than you supporting YOURSELF!

The Envelope Stand id on FaceBook as the EnvyStand.

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