Hadiya Rahman

by Hadiya Rahman
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Hadiya Rahman - A Writer
My name is Hadiya Rahman. I'm a writer from Islamabad. I am proud to call myself a person who dwells in a world of words, I breathe in feelings and breathe out poems.

I believe reading is one of the best form of therapy that anyone can ever get, a fruit for the soul.

I am a Med school student who runs her own Facebook page Smouldering Words, where I pour out my soul into the vessel of words.


Here is the link to my page feel free to check it out :)

I love to read, and Paulo Coelho is my favourite author. Music, is another one of my passions and I usually listen to folk and classical music. Three things I hate are lies, betrayal and being overpowered. I believe that we can express ones self better in the light of their work so judge me not by the pretentious skin I don but by my work!

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