Calligraphic Art by Lalahoum Calligraphy

by Zeenat Umer

Anissa Lalahoum-Owner of Lalahoum Calligraphy

Anissa Lalahoum-Owner of Lalahoum Calligraphy

Lalahoum Calligraphy offers a variety of calligraphic art and paintings by the artist Anissa Lalahoum for home decor products for the world-wide audience.

Venture: Lalahoum Calligraphy
Owner: Anissa Lalahoum
Location: Paris, France & universe (it's difficult for me to choose a place, I am at home everywhere!)

Calligraphic Art by Lalahoum Calligraphy Interview

Q. What drives you?

A. Hope, life and the belief in humanity. Every day I wake up and ask myself how I can make today better than yesterday. I know now that the peace in the world begins by myself. If I am at peace things change around me. What basically drives me is my search to be at peace.

Q. How did you get here and how long have you been in this profession?

A. I love people and, since I remember, questions of life/existence were my passion in life. One day when I was searching about meaning and sense of my life, calligraphy gave me the answers that I was looking for. It was incredible to see how my life had been an illusion. Now I am conscious, I know that I am solely responsible for what goes on in my life. So, when something is not good or comfortable for me, I have to change my vision and question myself about the meaning of that very situation. When I have a question, I meditate and then start painting when I feel ready. I let my hand write some message of love, and peace and after that I feel free.

Q. What has been your vision and what do you most love about your work?

A. I called my painting "calligratitude" which means: the contemplation / the vision of the beauty of what it is. Every one of them are paintings with the energy of love, my goal is to propose and spread this energy as much as possible. I know the power of gratitude and how your life can change with this energy. I hope our children will live in a world of love and peace. And I know it in my bones now that this is possible. My paintings give out the vibration of love for who is ready to receive it.

Q. What are your current projects and what do you plan on doing in the near future?

A. It was a choice when I changed my life, I was a banker, divorced with a child. I felt all alone in this big empty world. One day when I changed my vision of life my calligraphy gave me a new life. Right now, I am working on my new exhibition, called "calligratitude". It is to share my love and energy with maximum of people around the world. I want to exchange about the discovery about the energy and how it changed my life.

Q. A word of advice you would like to pass on to other women struggling with their start-ups?

A. To believe in your dream, everything turns out okay once you do. One time you tell yourself that success for you is possible, things unfold nicely.

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