Ayesha Sayeen - Makeup Artist Brand Owner Mahly's Beauty

by Rabia Khalid
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Ayesha Sayeen - Owner of Mahly's BeautyAyesha Sayeen - Owner of Mahly's Beauty
Mahly's Beauty Brand LogoMahly's Beauty Brand Logo
Mahly's Beauty Product Range by Ayesha SayeenMahly's Beauty Product Range by Ayesha Sayeen
Ayesha Sayeen's KajalAyesha Sayeen's Kajal

Ayesha Sayeen - Makeup Artist & Brand owner of Mahly's beauty has a product line that offers halal, affordable and cruelty-free makeup products and a platform to beautify people so that they work with and learn to use makeup products according to the need and occasion.

Venture: Mahly's beauty by Ayesha Sayeen - Makeup Artist & Blogger
Owner: Ayesha Sayeen - Owner of Mahly's beauty - Makeup Artist, Blogger, YouTuber & Brand Owner
Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Ayesha Sayeen - Makeup Artist - Interview

Q. What makes you passionate about your work or what drives you and tell us a bit about yourself?

A. My name is Ayesha Sayeen, I'm not basically from Lahore but when I was in grade 6 we shifted to Lahore. Then I did my O'levels from LGS. After that, at the age of 16, I got married. This is one of the best things that happened in my life. My husband is very supportive. I have 3 kids.

I always loved to do makeup since my childhood. But, when I started thinking to do blogging and to make my name on social media, my in-laws and even my own family were against it. At that time, there was one person who was with me and that is my husband. Two years back I started taking makeup courses. I did my first makeup course from the artist Ather Shehzad. The second one from London and then from Sephora.

Moreover, when I started my YouTube channel, everyone criticized me on what I was doing. But I had faith in myself and due to that determination, I gained so much in my life Alhamdulillah. So now I'm a successful YouTuber and a makeup blogger.

Q. What are your products or services?

A. I have a brand named Mahly's beauty. I launched my brand around 11 months ago. We started with a kajal named Ayesha Sayeen's Kajal. Then, I started working on it because I wanted to have some authentic and halal makeup products which would with the title 'Made in Pakistan'. The main reason for making my own makeup line is to provide 'good quality makeup in affordable prices'.

Q. How did you get here and how long have you been in this field?
A. Well, I always loved doing makeup very much since my childhood, I even used to sleep with my favorite makeup products under my pillow. I started using makeup at the age of 13 or maybe 14, and due to my interest, I just wanted to polish my skills and get better and better. I used to apply makeup 3 or 4 times a day, like, I would do makeup then I washed my face and then repeated doing it.

My husband has always been very supportive, Alhamdulilah. After my marriage, he supported me so much that I was able to do several professional makeup courses from different countries like Pakistan, London, Paris, Dubai etc.

Q. What has been your vision and what do you most love about your work?

A. I never felt satisfied sitting idle at home. I wanted that what I have learned from different platforms should be taught on different social media channels - it has always been my passion. But on seeing my passion for it, my family and friends started supporting me and I started my own thing. My husband's confidence really boosted my hidden abilities, and that's when I decided to teach makeup on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Q. What do you think is your biggest achievement throughout your professional journey?

A. I think my brand Mahly's beauty is my biggest achievement till now. But this is just a start as I am working on delivering Mahly's Beauty internationally and that makes me and my country proud.

Q. What are your current projects and what do you plan on doing in the near future?

A. Currently, I'm working on my products; Kajal, concealer/ camouflage, liners, powder foundation, highlighters, to make them better and better and in the near future, I'll come up with my own beauty products range that will not be less than any international brand.

Q. A word of advice from your experience for women who wish to pursue a career path.

A. No matter what and how society reacts to your skills; have faith in Allah Almighty and give your best in your field, and you'll shine like a star. Never give up. No matter how tough the competition is. Come up with your innovative ideas and you'll succeed one day. Just focus on your abilities and polish them to make yourself better and better and then no one can beat you!

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