Asra Jamshed Khan - A Shaheen Of Iqbal

Asra Jamshed Khan is a girl with diverse skills, she was brought up in an under privileged area of Karachi. In a male dominated society it was difficult for her to do something very innovative or even to attain higher education, but she didn't hold back. Asra laid the foundation of an organization by the name of "Iqbal Kay Shaheen" at a very young age. At the age when kids are busy playing and living a care free life, she was working for the betterment of the nation. Her enthusiasm and devotional love of her country took Iqbal Kay Shaheen to the peaks of success, in just 3 years IKS became a Global organization. She is making people understand Iqbaliyat by arranging workshops and events, IKS also provides a platform to the talented SHAHEENS of Pakistan, providing free education to the needy and orphans in an under privileged area of Karachi, IKS helps people to get better jobs, IKS also bears the wedding expenses and medical expenses of the needy. Asra is building a bond between Iqbaliyat and the youth under the prestigious guidance of Allama Iqbal’s Grandson 'Mian Iqbal Salahuddin'. Asra J Khan is also a well known debater, gold medalist on national level 2013. Asra has won several awards.
The sole objective of Asra J Khan's organization is to educate the deprived children of our country and to develop leadership qualities in them. Asra J Khan says: "Our new generation is losing their moral values day by day. We cry for better leaders but we never realize that if we start developing leadership qualities in our children today, we can get better leaders tomorrow, because if you want a fruitful tree tomorrow, you have to plant the seed today! And all the issues for which we start campaigns will be resolved under a better leadership".

We all should support Asra J khan and her team.

Y ghaazi ye teray pur asraar banday,
Jinhen tu nay bakhsha hy zauq-e-khudai,
DO neem in ki thokar sy sehra o darya,
Simmatkar pahaar inki haibat sy raiiee.

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