in the Services Sector

Women of Pakistan - as professionals - have been in the services industry since the beginning. Pakistani women have been going for higher studies in several disciplines, to other countries, mainly UK, since the inception of Pakistan.

Among these are lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, chartered accountants, writers and many more.

In this section we will cover the professions that are most favored by women of Pakistan and where they have excelled.

Here we also strive to bring on board for business women, consultants who can help in improving their business structures by providing services for the several needs.

Right from the project management and implementation stage to operations.... businesswomen need assistance of counsels in each field vis-a-vis, legal, accounts, financial management, marketing, business development, research and analysis, designing and presentation, and so on ...


As in most fields there remains a need for networking opportunities among Professional women of Pakistan.

Networking opportunities arise in Conferences and seminars, but the continued professional development through regular contact through platforms that promote the same is still lacking.

Much less are the opportunities of women professionals and business women meeting each other and collaborating to make winning teams.

Our endeavor is to have this online portal to serve as the conduit for interactive discussions, articles and general input from our members in various professions. In this way there will be increased awareness about the needs of each segment to each other, without the necessity to arrange formal meetings and events. An online community grows much faster as the members communicate more frequently and in a relaxed environment.


Most of the professional women being highly educated, are usually well established as consultants, counsels and practitioners. However, there still remains a need to increase clientele and provide benefit of their knowledge to a larger segment.

As the online community grows, there will be featured profiles of successful consultants, in various disciplines. This will facilitate clients to find the right consultant for their particular need.


There comes a stage in life when one wants to share their knowledge and expertise with others. That is how there hasbeen spread of knowledge and how cultures have evolved over the centuries. We all want to help others learn and improve in their fields.

Women have been receiving mentoring from a cross section of experts, once in a while by consultants etc, as and when organized. We feel that it should be continuous process and there should be opportunities for women to receive continued mentoring across the board in each and every segment and field be it entrepreneurship, services sector or career development.

At MizLink-Pakistan, our experts in the related fields provide mentoring as a continued process. You don't have to wait for events to be organized for the purpose. And what more, send in your queries and there will be somebody to respond and advice.

So we need more of you to help each other and receive the benefits of sharing expertise.

Training Programs

As we grow, MizLink-Pakistan will be presenting training programs on various topics related to all the segments that we are covering here at MizLink.

These programs are developed keeping in mind the international best practices for each segment and then customizing the same as per the unique requirements of our country. The possibilities and constraints both will be built in to derive maximum benefit from our unique cultural positioning.

While it is assumed that women in Pakistan have too many constraints and no way out, it has totally overshadowed the positive aspects that ARE there for women - especially because they are in Pakistan!!!!

Surprised to hear that?

You will learn how to derive the best out of your deals with the help of our training programs.

Let's have a look at the several fields of expertise where these female professionals render their services.

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