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Find great products made by women and for women. The latest trends, styles and products that you want to know about. Add your own profile, products and services, write about your favorite personality's profile. Women who are not known to all and have yet made a difference to their home or community get recognized here.

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Recent Articles

  1. Faryal Khan (Spectacular Pakistan)

    May 19, 18 09:59 AM

    My name is Faryal Khan. I am a British Pakistani. A self taught cake artist and a mother of a boy. I started my cake business in London 6years ago and

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  2. Survey for Social Media Usage by SMEs

    May 17, 18 03:38 AM

    Survey - Factors influencing the use of Social Media by SMEs and its Performance Outcome

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  3. Pakistan Sugar Art Collaboration

    May 15, 18 08:39 AM

    Spectacular Pakistan: International Sugar Art Collaboration by Faiza Sharjeel I am Faiza Sherjeel, Sugar Artist and Instructor, based in Lahore Pakistan.

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  4. Misha Umair Baghtpatee

    May 09, 18 07:36 AM

    Misha Umair Baghpatee of Misha’s Venture Address: www.facebook.com/mishas.collection/ Your city: Karachi • What drives you?(What makes you so passionate

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  5. Proud Moment for Pakistan and for MizLink

    Mar 30, 18 06:08 AM

    Proud Moment for Pakistan and for MizLink

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  6. Eco Tourism Development In Pakistan

    Mar 13, 18 01:25 AM

    Sundus of Eco Tourism Development in Pakistan Your city: Karachi and Abbottabad What makes you a woman of strength and determination? If you are passionate

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