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MizLink Shop has lovely, colorful and vibrant ethnic crafts for you to buy online. All the products are either made by women or marketed by women.

Here's a fun indoor game for the winters.

Solitaire .... a beautiful set made with onyx - a natural product.

Solitaire Board Game

How about a beautiful Ralli for your bed?

It has the most cheerful patterns that will brighten up your room...and it lasts for ages.

Ask for quote via Contact us Form.

Ralli of Sindh

Maybe this Ajrak will add rich colors to any room that you use it in.

Ask for quote via Contact us Form.

Ajrak of Sindh

How to Buy:

We are in the process of getting the online sales set up soon. In the meantime you can order via our Contact Us Form and we will ship it to you through our authorized dealers.

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