Solitaire Board Game 

Solitaire Board Game made in Onyx with onyx balls is ne of the best and oldest indoor games for the winters.

These board games are beautiful sets made with onyx - a natural product.

This is a high quality turned solid Onyx Solitaire board, with onyx balls. Precision drilled holes with an outer grooved ring to hold the balls.

The quality is first class, the finish is smooth and polished. Quality Onyx Solitaire boards beautifully made -these will make a stunning addition to anyone's game collection, makes a terrific looking coffee table ornament that can be played anytime by all ages. 

A great present to send to anyone. Turn off the TV. Keep the computer off and still stay entertained.


Object of the game:
Remove the pieces (marble/onyx balls) one by one by jumping over each other, finishing with 1 final piece in the center hole.

Set the board up by placing all pieces (marble balls) in the 33 holes. The center piece is marble ball #1, which sometimes has a different color.

How to play - Rules:
1: Player starts off by removing the center piece.

2: Select a piece and jump over the adjacent one into a vacant hole.

3:  Always jump horizontally or vertically and not diagonally.

4: The 'jumped over' piece is removed from the board.
5: The player repeats this move until there are no more pieces left to jump over.
6: The game is over when the player cannot jump over any of the other pieces.

7: The player can only finish a game successfully, by landing in the center hole with the final move.
Prevent leaving a piece too far removed from others, it might be impossible to reach it and jump over it in future moves.

Have fun playing Solitaire!

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