JOFA Lawn Prints

JOFA Premium Lawn prints for 2018 are available on the online store under various categories. Some of which are as follows:

Embroidered Collection, New signature, Luxury lawn 2018, Mysorie Chiffon, Limited Edition, Mysorie Chiffon, Luxury Chiffon, Luxury pret, Crepe Silk, Formals, Bridal and also Western wear & Leather Jackets

The Brand's Premium Lawn collection has been a combined effort of some of the finest talents of our country - designed by HSY, Photographed by Ather Shahzad, the styles are modeled by Iman Ali and manufactured by Jofa Textiles, one of the finest in the industry. The styles blend exquisite cultural patterns with soft colors alternating with deep rich, shades giving the range a regal look.

We have here some of the prints we could collect on the net for our readers: