Health and Beauty-
Herbal Products, Spas and Salons

Health and beauty products made from natural herbs have always been a favorite for women everywhere in the world!! The trend to move from chemical base products to natural, ayurvedic and herbal remedies has become the latest fad globally.

One of the finest ranges made from natural herbal products is by a woman owned company. The range has hair & skin treatments that maintain the natural balance and lasting vitality.

Another range comprising of soaps made from natural oils is also made by a woman owned company.

Aloe vera soap comes as a fragrant body bar which lathers up and is so soft and silky, you almost feel that you are being encompassed in acres of liquid velvet ...

Salons and Beauty Parlors

A hot favorite of women in choice of business is this segment. There are hundreds of salons and beauty parlors, that are owned and managed by women. Some are exceedingly successful and have turned into chains spread all over the country.

Weddings being a major event and decking up of brides for the big day provide a very profitable avenue for these entrepreneurs.

The best thing is that there are opportunities for training both in Pakistan and in other parts of the world that these ladies regularly undertake to keep abreast with the latest trends in assisting their clients to achieve best results in personal grooming.

There are some salons that cater on a regular basis to the ever increasing TV channels' employees on a regular basis.

The need for personal grooming leads to success for most of these establishments while providing income opportunities to many that are hired by the owners as staff members.


A wonderful new rage has been the setting up of spas!! These provide the usual salon-like services of hair cuts, dyeing, styling, party and bridal make-up, manicure, pedicure, waxing and threading, facials etc. In addition to the usual services, relaxation and fitness services are also added in spas. These include massage therapies of all types specially the Balinese, Thai and hot stone massages - all done by the original masseuse from Thailand.

These also have aromatherapy arrangements and give a full range of relaxation techniques. The good spas also have health and fitness facilities and gyms with yoga, for a fun time and workouts.

Mostly these are day-spas and excellent for recharging the tired mind and body. Hopefully these facilities will extend to stay over spa treatments for detox and other such facilities.

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