Candles - Light it up!!!

Decorative Candles

Although a seemingly simple trade, this requires tasteful innovation and designs to serve as cute little gift items for personal as well as corporate give-aways carrying the client company's logo. The soothing colors and design add to the environment of romance and relaxation.

Whenever these are on display at an exhibition the stall lights up' the area - even without being lit!! The colors and shapes and the creative containers give an ambiance of tranquility and happiness.

In Pakistan, there is a lot of use of earthen ware pottery, with a bit of paint, these little pots turn into lovely holders with colorful wax poured to set inside.

These are placed alongside the walkways to give lovely muted light.


Diffusers with Candle

For more styles to adorn the walkways, covered diffusers are placed with a little scented oil on the lids, giving aroma and soft glows where ever you place them

Floating Candles

Floating candle holders lit in a bowl of water add style and variety to the ambiance of a room. The one in the picture is from 'Decoist'.

Ornate Candle Holders

Beautiful candelabras ornately carved into silver, copper and brass give an elegant look with a warm welcoming glow.

Scented Types

Still not very common in local manufacturing, these require imported perfumes that add substantially to cost of production, however, there are some very softly scented fragrances with unique local aromas like sandalwood, jasmine and rose. The picture is from 'Love Aroma'.

Gel Candle ideas

Shimmery, shiny, sleek styles always looking clean with the gel base ... these cute little illuminations are made in glass containers and in layers of colors ...very pretty to look at and to light up corners. The ones here are from 'DIYS'.


Tealight, also known as nightlight, is different from a regular taper as it is encased in a thin metal cover and liquefies completely while lit. In these the wick is tethered to a piece of metal to stop it from floating to the top of the molten wax and burning before the wax does. Tealights are often used as food warmers. They are also suitable for subtle lighting and for heating scented oil.  Generally, tea lights give off very low light unless grouped together; they were designed to be a long-lasting comfort light rather than a working or reading light. Tealights differ from Nightlights by the duration of burning; a tealight usually burns for 4 to 5 hours while a nightlight, which is larger, may burn for a whole night (about 8 to 10 hours). 


Use in aromatherapy is well established as these are truly therapeutic ... the soothing fragrance with their soft glow and lovely colors, promote feelings of calm and tranquility bringing peace and healing. Use diffusers, add a little bit of essential oils of aromatherapy is poured on to the lid of the diffusers to surround the area with relaxing soft aromas. The picture here is from 'Candles-LoveToKnow'.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui it is said that one should light tapers regularly to bring good vibes into the house. This also balances the elements essential in Feng Shui beliefs. Floating types balance the elements of water and fire. Colors and shapes define different effects when looking for Feng Shui balance, though.

Refresh the air

Had a lot of smoking in the room? Or the room smells 'mildewy'? Light a taper for a while ... it cleanses the air of all odour.

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