Apparel - Trendy &  Traditional 
Casual, Formal and Bridal

Apparel of all kind - trendy, traditional, casual, formal and bridal wear - is a woman's delight!! both in buying and wearing and as much in making.

This is the most favorite business line for the women of Pakistan. Work starts at home with designing styles, buying fabric, getting it embroidered, matching and mixing, getting it stitched and then...the exhibition!!!

It can be at home at a local hotel or a trade fair locally or sells BIG! The margins are steep and there is no end to the demand with the cultural emphasis on weddings and trousseaux.

What a delight it is to see the different kinds of outfits on display at these events!

These are all 'designer creations' with exquisite motifs and fabulous fabrics.

The several types of apparel made by women are stylish trendy lines and traditional day wear, casuals as well as the formal party wear and the epitome of style and design.....the bridal dress!!

A bridal dress can cost anywhere from a US$ 1,000 to 50,000 or more, depending on the economic status of the family.

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Bridal Dress and Trousseau Collection

Banarsi, Sarees, Suits, Silk

Lawn Prints, Cotton Clothes, Summer Wear

Traditional Lines

Formal and Party Wear

Trendy Styles

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