Maria B Lawn Prints

Maria B Lawn prints are a range of lovely designs blended with a medley of colors, cultural patterns and sophisticated styles.

The designer has a talent for bringing together ethnic patterns with trendy fashion styles. The choice of colors combines the bright and vibrant colors of our culture with muted soft pastels. Chic yet elegant - that is what comes to mind when you see Maria B's lawn prints. Very refreshingly different.

Maria B's designing has been a hallmark of fashion for women from all walks of life both locally and internationally.

Here are just some of the Lawn designs from this year's range:

Maria B Lawn14

Maria B Lawn1

Maria B Lawn2

Maria B Lawn3

Maria B Lawn4

Maria B Lawn5

Maria B Lawn6

Maria B Lawn7

Maria B Lawn8

Maria B Lawn9

Maria B Lawn10

Maria B Lawn11

Maria B Lawn12

Maria B Lawn13

Maria B Lawn15

Maria B Lawn16

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